Three Stocks That May Surpass Apple


The stock market has changed significantly in the last ten years. The S&P 500 index has moved up from 700 at the beginning of 2009, while now is estimated at nearly 2.600. That is definitely a big gain for stocks, especially for technology stock like Apple Inc (NYSE: AAPL).

If you have serious changes, stock pricing moves to the levels that have steadily been unsustainable. Currently, 5 large US companies are all estimated at more than $500 billion, and this valuation has a historical significance. Apple is considered as the biggest among them.

Amazon Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN)

Amazon Inc is probably going to win a battle against Apple. This company is not very far behind the main competitor in the race. Apple’s worth is currently $860 billion, while Amazon’s market value presently is $690 billion. This is not equal, but the distance is not too big.

Also, Amazon is rising much faster, and its net revenue was closely 40% in the last quarter. Apple’s revenue grew too, but its growth rate was only 13% in the last quarter. That number is not small, but Amazon is much better. Besides, the Apple’s income moved up 16%, while the Amazon’s income rose more than 100% for the same period.

Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG)

Except for Amazon, Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOG) also has great chances to win a battle against Apple and to become the first one trillion dollar stock out there. Just like Amazon, Alphabet is also near to Apple in terms of the valuation. Alphabet’s market value is currently $720 billion, and as mentioned earlier, Apple’s market value is $860 billion.

Alphabet Inc is also growing faster than Apple just like Amazon. Its revenue was 24% in the last quarter, while Apple recorded 13% only. Also, Alphabet income growth was 28% against 16% at Apple.

Furthermore, Alphabet stock has become a much larger winner the stock of Apple, again a similarity between Amazon and Alphabet. Google moved up 90% in the last three years, while Apple gained only 40% in the same period.

Alibaba Group Holding Inc (NASDAQ: BABA)

Alibaba is the last company on the list of potential trillion-dollar stock. It is a Chinese version of Amazon and is the fastest growing firm in this group. Alibaba stock will very likely continue to grow further, and the reason for success is the constant development of China’s middle class. The revenue growth is above 50%, and the company’s value is already estimated at $460 billion. If the revenue continues to grow with that speed, then Alibaba could reach a trillion dollar stock soon.

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