Good Reasons to Invest in Apple Stock


Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) stock moved up in last week as well as income expectations for the same session. Unlike some other similar firms, Apple shares obviously grew on the positive news, rather than decreasing. The stock has been achieving a historical growth, raising about twenty US dollars per piece in the last week.

While it is a serious growth, the stock owners can profit on even more upside since the company’s market cap is going to one trillion of US dollars. Presently, Apple’s total value is estimated at $993 billion approximately. The growth to one trillion obviously presents only 7% upside which seems like a quickly achievable goal, but some potential problems might make it much more difficult to reach.

So far, the company’s stock has had historical growth and there are several reasons why it is going higher.

Apple stock has been the biggest holding in the PowerShares QQQ Trust (NASDAQ: QQQ) and SDPR S&P ETF Trust (NASDAQ: SPY), however, the company is also a large purchaser of its shares.

Its management released it is planning to purchase back $100 billion worth shares, succeeding the previous release of $50 billion in the last several years. It leaves the natural bed below the stock price, as Apple is steadily accumulating its shares.

Do not forget, the business remains successful and as an outcome, the company will continue purchasing back its shares in the future as it produces the higher value. It would not be so if this is just a one-time repurchase strategy.

Also, remember managers from other big companies. For instance, Warren Buffet lately released his Berkshire Hathaway Inc (NASDAQ: BRK.A, NASDAQ: BRK.B) recently purchased seventy-five million shares of Apple stock. The corporation now poses more than two hundred million shares of that company, which is nearly to 5 percent stake in Apple.

But, there are also other big buyers with a large number of shares, and they are probably inspired by the Buffet’s investing. It might be some other fund managers or stock investors that share the same optimism with the Apple stock.

Besides, Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN) is also a fast-growing stock with the increasing value. Still, Apple valuation is quite more realistic. Currently, AAPL sells at nearly sixteen times this year’s income and about fourteen times next year’s predictions.

That is obviously a higher valuation than the company has traded in latest quarters, and it is still not overly expensive. Apple probably has the most recognizable name and it makes some difference.

Finance experts expect the company’s income to move up 24 percent this year before growing another 15 percent in 2019. Those experts are searching for a jump of 14 percent and 4 percent this and next year, respectively.

In total, the company has recorded above average raise and below average stock valuation that moves along with a great business and exceptional capital return strategy. Obviously, the company’s stock is a smart investment, and it would be wise to have it. Buying would definitely bring a profit.

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