The Fastest Growing Stocks


Cloud and e-commerce giant, Inc (NYSE: AMZN) is seen as the fastest growing company. Still, Netflix, Inc (NYSE: NFLX) is taking the second place. However, there are some stocks on the market that grows even faster.

Amazon achieved income growth of 43 percent, and Netflix had a growth of nearly 40 percent. It is quite amazing considering these two companies are taking a seat among the biggest firms in the world. So, their stocks are not just among fastest growing, but also among the largest stocks in the world. Such combination allows them to take the winning position.

But their size is not a guarantee that other stocks need to grow slower. As the stock market is a very lively place, things changes quickly and what was true yesterday, today may be wrong. Furthermore, some stocks reported higher revenue than Netflix in the last quarter.

By size, they are all significantly smaller, and they will probably never reach Amazon or Netflix, but their growth is fast enough to compete with these two companies. However, only several of them have a capacity to come closer to Amazon and Netflix even when considering their size.

1. Facebook (NASDAQ: FB)
On the first place is definitely Facebook. In the last quarter, its revenue growth was nearly 50 percent, which is significantly bigger than the growth of Amazon or Netflix. Facebook had problems with data liking scandal, but it seems no one cares about it, and the company’s stock recorded pretty enormous growth. All in all, users are getting the social media platform completely free, but their personal details are not completely protected and unauthorized use is sometimes possible.
Despite that fact, all are using Facebook these days, and the number of online consumers is bigger and bigger every hour. Currently, this social media network has more than two billion active users on the main platform as well as around two billion on other platforms. The great popularity positively affects the stock price, and it steadily grows.

2. Shopify (NASDAQ: SHOP)
On the second place is Shopify. It is not as popular as Facebook, but still recording great success, and its stock grows quickly. Over the last year, Shopify stock has moved up 60 percent. That large growth has been achieved with a help of red-hot rise narrative that is not appearing down by any means. Just in last quarter, income growth was 68 percent. It is quite the same as it was in the previous quarter, and in the same quarter a year ago. The main reason for such great growth is in fact that Shopify continues to make progress in variable and difficult conditions.

3. GrubHub (NASDAQ: GRUB)
GrubHub is a less known company among these on the list and it takes the third place here. It is a food delivering service that grows very quickly. They work similarly as Amazon or Netflix. Instead of going out, consumers now may buy food at home and it will arrive quickly with a help of the service. GrubHub recorded a growth of nearly 49 percent last quarter. And there is still a lot of space for further growth, so new great records are potentially seen already.

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