Precise Technical Report of DowDuPont Inc. (DWDP)


Chemicals – Major Diversified has noticed some turbulence during this month. Some companies have recorded losses, while others have grown in value. Still, Basic Materials is quite stable these days, and will very likely continue to be stable in the future. That can certainly have some impact on USA, and even on other countries abroad. Today’s economy is almost fully connected and different countries depend on each other. Besides, DowDuPont Inc. (DWDP) is going slowly but steady, and some performances are well known.


DowDuPont Inc. (DWDP)


The current DowDuPont Inc.’s volatility for the whole month stands at , and the volatility on the weekly basis precisely is 2.03%. The company’s performance for the whole year is estimated at *TBA, while the estimation of the half-year performance currently is -1.34%. There are also smaller performances, such as the performance of this quarter and it is exactly -1.12%. The monthly performance stands at 4.26%, and the performance on the weekly basis currently takes 2.78%.

DowDuPont Inc. (DWDP) is trading with different products on the open market in the country and abroad. Their current sales volume is predicted at 7,522,997, while the price of their major product is $69.78 on this very day. The change of the price can move a little, and it is 0.42% in numbers. Also, the related volume is estimated at 0.82.

Obviously, this data can be really helpful for those who want some clear and correct insight into the business of this company. With these results, they can obtain better knowledge about the company’s potential. But, this is still just a beginning and below is more data on the same subject.

For example, EPS growth is an important factor for analysis and statistic, so it is also explained here. On a yearly basis, the current EPS growth is precisely -92.00%, and the EPS growth for the next year is calculated at 17.73%. Besides, there is also the EPS growth for the past five years, and it currently is *TBA as well as the predicted EPS growth for the next five year, and it should be 7.50%. The company’s sales growth in past five years now stands at *TBA in numbers.
The technical aspect of the company’s statistics is also equally important and because of that, it should be released. In words and numbers, it goes like this: 20-day simple moving average precisely is , and 50-day simple moving average currently is 5.92% on this day.

There is also a statistic for 200-day simple moving average, and it now stands at 0.27%. Average true range is exactly 1.44. Besides, 52-week low is 13.89%, while 52-week high is -9.47%. Change from open takes 0.19%, and the gap is 0.23%. Hopefully, with this statistic, all can have a clear view of the former, current and future company’s performances.

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