Clear Stock Volatility Report for Education Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE:EDR)


Education Realty Trust, Inc.’s (NYSE:EDR) stock is showing a large price fluctuation and is considered as one of the most volatile stocks on the market currently. The changes are very fast and big, so it is not easy to follow all that. Still, here are some predictions about future behaviour as well as reports on past behaviour. The company’s value also changes fast with the stock price fluctuation, however, the latest figures are as follows:

The current market cap for Education Realty Trust, Inc.’s (NYSE:EDR) is 3.1B, but it will possibly fluctuate very soon. The average true range is estimated at 1.12 right now, and the change from open currently stands at 1.39%. The last figure is obviously high because the change is quite drastic. The situation in Financial might influence the future stock behaviour of this and other companies.

Many important things come from REIT – Residential as well and go down following the line. The main headquarters of Education Realty Trust, Inc. is based in USA, and it operates from that country. The relative strength index (RSI) is evaluated at , while the gap is set up at 0.17%.

52-week low presently stands at 35.42%, and 52-week high is calculated at -0.29%. Both of these measures are important, and they show the lowest and the highest stock price in the last 52 week on the market. Investors may observe how it has changed from day to day.

Education Realty Trust, Inc. (EDR)

The 20-day simple moving average is set up at 12.36%, while the 50-day simple moving average is predicted at 18.49%. The 200-day simple moving average is estimated at 17.12%.

The stock price currently stands at $40.72, the change is 1.57%, while the volume is set up at 2,671,552. However, stock performance estimations are also equally important as all those above, and maybe even more. That is the main reason why they will be shown below. The investors might get a helpful insider look.

For instance, the forecast will begin with the short-term prediction. On a weekly basis, the stock performance is calculated at , and on monthly basis, it is evaluated at . Also, the stock performance for the first and second quarter of this year are 24.98% and 24.98%, respectively.

For the first half of this year, the stock performance is estimated at 13.11%, while for the entire year, the stock performance is predicted at 3.48%. Also, the stock performance is set up at 16.61% in the last 365 days. As mentioned at the beginning of the text, the volatility is very high, and precisely stands at 4.08% on a weekly basis as well as 2.97% on a monthly basis.

The earnings per share growth show the increase in profit, and that is pretty obvious. This year the EPS growth is estimated at 100.10%, while the next year the earnings per share growth is predicted at -17.45%. The earning per share growth has been 21.37% in the last five years, and it is going to be 9.30% in the next 5 years.

The sales growth in the last five years has been 5.70%, and it is the last figure in this report. Hopefully, all this will be enough to create a valuable opinion determining the further stock potential.

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