Top Loser Shares Report of Embotelladora Andina S.A. (NASDAQ:AKO-B)


Embotelladora Andina S.A. has had a bad time in the recent session. Many things have appeared as potential reasons for the loss. The current company’s value now stands at 3.37B. These figures will most likely change in the near future, but the time will show that soon. There have been noted some oscillations among various companies in Consumer Goods, and Beverages – Soft Drinks is also affected by those positive and negative influences.

The Embotelladora Andina S.A.’s results are totally clear though and briefly explained in this analysis. For instance, the weekly performance of the company’s stock is evaluated at and the entire month estimation currently stands at -13.39%. However, the numbers for the mid-term and long-term predictions are significantly different and that is totally normal. But it is good to know both because the value evaluation will be clearly easier using these figures.

For the second quarter, the company’s stock performance is estimated at , while for the first half of the year currently stands at -24.79%. The yearly formed company’s stock performance estimation is calculated at -13.21%, and for the last 365 days the performance is set up at -24.86% presently. The stock volatility is also important and should be known and clearly explained. Too high volatility may indicate serious risks, so it should be carefully observed. The estimation for this week stands at 6.62%, while on the monthly basis it is set up at 4.36%.

The related volume is predicted at 1.34. The stock price currently is $22.00, while the value changes almost every day in the last session, and now stands at -10.20%. The volume is estimated at 23,446. Besides, the technical estimations should be explained as well. They might discover many important indicators of the further stock growth or fall. For example, the current average true range is set up at 1.25, and the 20-day simple moving average is calculated at -8.79%.

The 50-day simple moving average presently stands at -15.58%, while the 200-day simple moving average is predicted at -21.99%. Observing these figures may show the further stock movements, however, some differences from the estimation and reality are always possible. The 52-week low is predicted at -1.06%, while the 52-week high is set up at -30.82% here.

The change from open is estimated at -8.33%, and the relative strength index is calculated at . The gap here is set up at -2.04%. Also, some of the valuation terms is going to be mentioned, especially those most important. For instance, the earnings per share growth should be carefully observed because all this happen for the profit. The EPS growth is predicted at 30.20% for this year, while for the next year it is predicted at 10.06%.

The earnings per share growth for the next 5 years now stands at -5.50%, and the earnings per share growth for the past 5 years is set up at 2.60%. The sales growth in the past five years is calculated at -5.10%. Hopefully, this analysis will be enough to create a valuable opinion about the stock, and avoid any further loss.

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