4 Downtrodden Companies to Consider Invest – Netflix, Tesla and more


1. Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX)

The investment products have not taken nicely to Netflix avoiding second-quarter report estimations for user additions, moving its stock down for more than 5 percent on that day and another 4.4 percent in the next 4 days of the market trading. That pulls Netflix stock down at the lowest level in little more than one month. Now its stock is considered as one of the current downtrodden shares.

There are many investors and shareholders that wonder if the company decline was a one-time thing or it is maybe going to happen again. The loss of 12 percent in a few months is a serious problem, but if it happens again it might be a disastrous issue.

“The investors are disappointed by Netflix’s estimation that stock moved down in big flames,” said a chief executive officer of equity company Patriarch, Eric Schiffer. “All future estimations are suspect and that affects valuation,” he added.

Reed Hastings noted in the firm’s statement that Netflix basis has never been stronger. In the last month, I offered that Netflix stock could grow double during the next 3 years if its operating income per user kept advancing by double-figures on a sequential basis every quarter.

Netflix recorded an operating income of $8.65 per user at the end of the first quarter, while the operating income was $10.96 at the end of the second quarter, and we see a growth of 26.7 percent in total. However, it moved down almost 10 percent during the last month, and I strongly believe, you should purchase this stock at those discounted prices because there is a great potential for nice earning.

2. Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA)

Tesla has moved down more than 6 percent during the last several days, getting the stock down almost 11 percent during the last month and off by nearly 13 percent during the last year until July 25.

While Elon Musk has swum in hot water recently with his addiction to tweeting unpolished opinions, Tesla’s cash flows have recorded declines and that worried shareholders and investors.

The company is obviously trying to reduce debts and expenses while asking various suppliers to lower spending on various projects and others to cut prices of different parts.

“The improvement they are searching money back is a definitely alarming thing,” Jeff Osborne explained in an email. “Money is becoming the main concern of investors.”

“I am personally on record pointing out that the longs need to be purchasing on those corrections because Elon is trying to make the company profitable even if it is going to kill him.

3. L Brands (NYSE: LB)

I am really sorry for all those who bought L Brands stock during last Christmas because if they are still holding it, then they have lost 50 percent in seven months, and 14 percent in the last month only.

Victoria’s Secret is obviously a destroyed brand, and I would not recommend investors to buy this stock.

“The sales in June showed Victoria Secret battle to attract traffic during semi-annual sale mode,” Randal Konik, Jefferies analyst, wrote in his stock report on July 12. “The firm acknowledged driving traffic was a successful strategy that extended sales and reduced prices even further. I believe that is a proof the brand is definitely broken.

Trading is very bad for Victoria’s Secret, and Konik thinks LB stock will drop into the low $20s during the next twelve months.

Leslie Wexner is definitely a trading icon, and I could not believe he is planning to move away without adjusting his legacy buy. He gave closely $1 million for Victoria’s Secret in 1982, but definitely, Aerie and some others are offering the untouchable brand fits.

4. Match Group (NASDAQ: MTCH)

Those who bought Match Group stock at the end of the last year made a nice success. In fact, they have earned 24 percent until July 23. But, if in some case, they bought this stock 3 months ago, then they have lost 16 percent counting close to ten percent in the last month alone.

Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) is introducing an online dating game and investors are less than thrilled about the possible rivals for Match.com, OkCupid, and Match’s Tinder. The company may lose the dating game and that fact affects its stock recently.

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