Clear Financial Inspection of SBA Communications Corporation (SBAC)


The markets have been on a bull run for almost a decade, creating suspense in the markets. To take or to leave profits are the questions and it is up to you the investor to decide. SBA Communications Corporation (SBAC) currently trades at $162.44. Located in the USA and operating within the Technology sector, SBA Communications Corporation currently has a market cap of 18.73B. Know the sector and where the company operates can help you narrow in on benchmark numbers to compare against.


SBA Communications Corporation (SBAC) currently trades at a 150.69 P/E multiple, with a forward P/E multiple of 99.05. A price to earnings ratio alone is not enough, but comparing it to other in the Technology will give you an idea of how expensive or how much of a discount SBA Communications Corporation is trading.

EPS growth this year for SBA Communications Corporation is 83.40% and for next year is projected at 84.68%. Earnings per share should be maintained or growing. If this number begins to retreat, it could be a warning sign for what is ahead. For long term investors, EPS for the next five years is projected at 43.19%.


This week, SBA Communications Corporation has posted -1.40% result with a current price of $162.44. On a monthly basis SBA Communications Corporation posted a result of 2.91%. Supporting the moves in the market, weekly volatility is 1.50% and monthly volatility is 1.68%. Volatility will tell you how serious the movement is. Movements on lesser volume are typically less sustained compared to those with increased volume. Year to date performance for SBA Communications Corporation is -0.56%.


Technical analysis can also foreshadow where SBA Communications Corporation is headed. With the latest closing price of $162.44, that is a -0.91% from the open. The current 52-week high for SBA Communications Corporation is -8.57% and the 52-week low is 20.77%. With current price in relation to the 52-week levels, you can formulate an opinion on where the stock may head.

The average true range is 2.79 for SBA Communications Corporation (SBAC). Compare that with a 14 period RSI of 49.79, this can help find a range for the equity. Currently, the short term 20-Day Simple Moving Average is and the long term 200-Day Simple Moving Average is .

SBA Communications Corporation (SBAC) may still provide value, but that is for you to determine with the current information. Taking a little bit of each research category can help give you an all around opinion of the stock. Keeping up with current events can also help you understand why the data is the way it is.

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