Former President Donald Trump opens a new social network GETTR

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Former US President Donald Trump’s staff on July 1 quietly released a new social networking platform called GETTR and he considers it an alternative to current social networking sites.

According to Politico, the launch immediately caused confusion as to whether it was Donald Trump’s response to a social media “paradise” for his supporters or just an attempt to next effort to build a platform of his own to replace the current mainstream platforms.

A website called GETTR claims its mission is to combat boycott culture, promote common sense, protect freedom of expression, challenge social media monopolies, and create real markets for brands. idea. This application is currently in beta form and will officially launch at 10 am on 4/7.

Mr. Jason Miller, a former spokesman for Mr. Trump, runs the platform. Meanwhile, former Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh joined as a consultant on the app.

Former President Trump’s role in the project is currently unknown. The question of whether he would set up an account on GETTR and use it remains open. Donald Trump has been looking for alternatives after being banned from Twitter and Facebook accounts. The blog he launched earlier received a bleak end because of ridicule and few readers.

The GETTR site may also be subject to privacy questions by experts, including whether it collects user information.

Inspired by the word “Getting Together,” GETTR first appeared on the Google and Apple app stores in mid-June and was most recently updated on June 30. It has been downloaded over 1,000 times per store.

GETTR is described on app stores as an unbiased social network for people all over the world. The app is rated “M” i.e. intended for people 17 years of age and older.

GETTR posts are allowed up to 777 characters and videos are up to 3 minutes long. Users can also livestream on this platform. GETTR’s user interface appears similar to Twitter’s.

The original trending topics on this app contain keywords like #trump, #virusorigin, #nra and #unrestrictedbioweapon. Those keywords refer to Republican allegations that China created COVID-19 in a laboratory as a biological weapon.

On May 4, former President Trump launched his personal social network after Twitter and Facebook permanently locked his personal account on these two social networking platforms, citing concerns about more Content inciting violence after the attack of hundreds of former President’s supporters on the US Capitol on January 6. However, on June 2, Mr. Trump closed the aforementioned private social networking platform. Accordingly, the new media platform called “From Donald J.Trump’s desk” is permanently closed.

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