Five Great Stock Trades for Today


I really like when stocks express strength in front of the market fall and Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (NYSE: AMD) has done it this week. Advanced Micro Devices was capable not just to hold up but in fact to push through barricades.

The starting rally brings small surprise and it is quite hard to change the position now.

The stock has moved up from $9 to more than $13, while finished oversold in the short-term and also have a tendency to lose in value soon. However, that push through barricades seems clean. Long-term stock owners and investors optimistic on the fundamentals might stay long AMD.

Johnson & Johnson (NASDAQ: JNJ) is facing bad luck in comparison with Advanced Micro Devices. This healthcare company continues to struggle regardless of its quite reasonable valuation and solid fundamentals.

Regardless of a week line of support close $122, Johnson & Johnson can be moved down further. Between $117 and $120 here have to be serious support. Its 2.95% dividend yield is near to jump to 3% at that moment, which might also help in stock price support.

PayPal Holdings Inc (NYSE: PYPL) is a class book setup. Actually, it is just what the bulls in Advanced Micro Devices should want to see.

Just after pushing through the barricades, PayPal stock moved back into that point and discovered it as support. It is a positive signal and investors are starting to receive benefits in the stock market. When the barricade becomes support and support becomes the barricade, high-risk trade setup disappears.

The bad news is closely below this trend line, while the good one is slightly above it.

After breaking through the downtrend barricades in the last month, Ultra Beauty Inc (NYSE: ULTA) were not slowing down too much. The push through $220 moved on to a level above $250 in just several weeks.

Now working and consolidating from the short to mid-term oversold condition, the most important thing is that Ulta Beauty Inc finds support. Close $245, it looks like an achievable goal.

A near below the level will blaze sell-signals to short-term yields. During the time it stays above, the stock may jump to new heights and reach $260 at the best.

Walt Disney Co (NASDAQ: DIS) discovered an unhappy move in the stock price on Thursday when it moved down 1%.

For a share that has lost the majority of the time between $97 and $105 in 2018, the stock market charts are incredibly complex.

Walt Disney stock might push through the barricades and failed to preserve the position or it failed to push altogether, relying on which of those two trend lines stock traders use. In any case, it does not matter too much because it presents the yields still possess a higher level of control than the bulls.

$102 support is a quite stable and serious support, while $98 is far stronger.

From a perspective of a potential investor, I would rather choose to purchase at $98 on a moderately deeper pullback or choose to sell some out of the money puts.



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