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Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) stock moved up for more than 7 percent in the last month due to the impressive work of client relationship management team. And it is still a great asset to invest despite the previous big growth.

The company’s founder, co-CEO and co-owner Marc Benioff wrote headlines with his wife a few days ago after they released their acquiring of Time magazine for $190 million. Benioff follows Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) and its CEO Jeff Bezos, who bought the Washington Post as the newest tech corporation to purchase an old media firm with his personal money. But it does not change anything for potential Salesforce stockholders.

Salesforce recorded jump of 27% that reaches $3.28 billion in the second quarter. The firm also released recently that it improved the Financial Service Cloud to empower institutions to send a more comprehensive client experience. Also, the company introduced Quip Slides a few days ago to support it stronger compete against rivals such as Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT).

Salesforce acquired Quip two years ago, and now provide an improved version of Microsoft Office-like software created for the cloud. That contains spreadsheets and tools for word processing as well as an innovative slide presentation tool. The company is obviously ready to maintain its offerings while developing a superior cloud-based client relation management business.

Salesforce stock has moved up 1000 percent in the past decade, which hits the industry’s 400 percent and the S&P 500’s 230 percent. Lastly, CRM shares have grown 114 percent in the last two years. Salesforce shares are too up roughly 52 percent since the beginning of this year. The strong growth is affected by a well-standing industry’s jump of 26 percent. The company’s stock is presently estimated just below its 52-week and an all-time high of approximately $159.

Together with that outsized stock price variations arrives a quite sky-high estimation image. CRM shares are presently trading at 124X advancing yearly Zacks Consensus EPS estimates that expresses a big premium in comparison with the industry’s 27.4X average. However, at this stage, the company’s investors and stockholders apparently accept the current P/E ratio because Salesforce is going to grow more in the future.

The company’s third-quarter income is going to move up 25.7% and hit $3.37 billion, according to the current Zacks Consensus Estimate. Salesforce revenues for next year are projected to overleap $13 billion and that indicates a potential growth of closely 26% for this year.

The company has made eighteen upward earnings projecting revision in the last 30 days for the present fiscal year, against downward trends. Also, Salesforce has recorded fourteen earnings estimate revisions for this fiscal year, with almost 100 percent agreement to the growing trend during the same period.

The company’s powerful positive earnings estimate revision trends support Salesforce get a Zacks Rank #1. As an outcome of that, CRM looks ready to maintain and expand in the rapidly growing client relationship management industry. So the benefits for shareholders are yet to come.

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