The most punctual airline in the world is one of the least known


The most punctual airline in the world is one of the least known
It does not fly the most hectic routes or tread the American continent. And yet, it exceeds 90 percent of punctuality in takeoffs and landings, which makes it the number 1 in the world.

The airBaltic airline is not one of the most famous in the world. Its head office is situated in Riga, Latvia. From there it connects three Baltic countries with different parts of Europe and Russia. It accepts payment in bitcoin. It has no routes in the countries of East Asia – the most hectic on the planet – nor in the American continent. Everywhere it flies, it arrives with a punctuality of 90.01%, which at the moment is the highest of commercial air navigation.

A study conducted by OAG, the travel data analysis company, which covered 57 million flights gave it the first place among the most punctual in general; when the estimate is reduced to mega airlines (those that cover more than 30 million departures per year), the position corresponds to Japan Airlines (85.27%). In the definition of the British company of flight data analysis, a take-off or a punctual arrival are those registered with a margin of 15 minutes over the established time.

Among the 20 most punctual companies in the world, there are two Latin American companies: the Panamanian Copa (fourth place, with 86.39% of punctuality) and the Brazilian Azul (12th place, with 84.14% of punctuality). Also two Americans: Hawaiian Airlines, benefited by the usual good weather in the Hawaiian Islands, and Delta, which is also on the list of mega-airlines struts (there achieved third place with its 82.76% of punctuality).

In the general list, airBaltic is followed by Hong Kong Airlines (88.83%), Hawaiian Airlines (87.24%), Copa Airlines (86.39%), Qantas Airways (86.18%), Japan Airlines (85). , 27%), Aer Lingus (84.46%), Singapore Airlines (84.07%), All Nippon Airways (83.81%) and Qatar Airways (82.95%).

The report highlighted that this year, in addition, six of the top 20 are low-cost airlines, a class that is increasingly open: in 2016 there were four and in 2015-two.

Behind Japan Airlines, the list of mega-specific airlines follows All Nippon Airways (83.81%), Delta Air Lines (82.76%), IndiGo (81.22%), Alaska Airlines (81.06%). , SAS (80.90%), United Airlines (79.86%), LATAM Group (79.39%), American Airlines (78.97%) and Southwest (78.55%).

The OAG analyzed the most specific Latin American airlines separately, and the list showed a top ten led by Copa and Azul, which appear in the general rankings, and followed by Volaris (82.13%), Sky (81.93). %), GOL Linhas Aereas (81.73%), Avianca Brasil (81.44%), Grupo LATAM (79.39%), Aerolíneas Argentinas (77.44%), Aeroméxico (75.64%) and Caribbean Airlines (74.76%).

The punctuality of the flights depends largely on the airports. Among the ten most punctual mega-airports (more than 30 million departures per year) are Tokyo, Haneda (86.75%); Madrid (83.63%), Atlanta (82.38%), Denver (82.24%), Dallas, Fort Worth (81.36%); Singapore, Changi (80.57%); Chicago, O’Hare (79.85%); Amsterdam (77.09%), Frankfurt (76.35%) and London, Heathrow (74.80%).

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