They trust companies in Guanajuato


The head of the Secretariat of Sustainable Economic Development, Guillermo Romero Pacheco, announced that approximately 40 companies located in the entity have begun their expansion processes, since last year.

“This is very important because it speaks of the trust that exists and that despite this complicated moment: the negotiations of the Free Trade Agreement, the fiscal reform (of the United States), there is a medium and long-term vision for investments and this is important, if not, they would not make a decision to expand a company, because an expansion sometimes doubles the investment they originally had, “he explained.

He pointed out that these extensions will be carried out practically in all the cardinal points of the entity where large companies are located, among which the municipalities of León, Silao, Celaya and Apaseo el Grande stand out.

“In sectors, of course, there is the automotive-auto parts, but there is also the product of health care; There is also some food, then you are seeing growth in several of the companies, “he said.

He noted that some extensions have been carried out since last year and during 2018 they will be concluding others and that some of them take up to a month to complete.

“We support when it is the start (of the expansion) but almost all companies have land reserves for growth, rather this is a very good indicator that companies are making those decisions,” he concluded.

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