Three AI Stocks You Should Buy Now


A few weeks ago, I noted three interesting Artifical Intelligence stocks you might not know about. But, it is just a type of the iceberg, and there are definitely more similar stocks than only three of them. So, now I would like to show you three more AI companies we did not have enough time or space to investigate within the first round.

Like the first time, the purpose is not to explain the obvious. Most stock traders totally understand that Nvidia Corporation (NYSE: NVDA) creates the hardware that supplies most AI applications while International Business Machines Corporation (NASDAQ: IBM) is probably doing the major job to include artificial intelligence to real use. Our mission is to describe Artificial Intelligence stocks you did not know about.

All those who already know Box Inc (NASDAQ: BOX) might become a bit surprised to watch it make a spot on a list of artificial intelligence shares to consider because it is not completely present in the AI playground. Still, CEO Aaron Levie has accurately and repeatedly said the company is very well positioned to play the game with competitor companies.

In easiest terms, Box also allows companies to efficiently manage data, information, and documents, share files and cooperate via the cloud.

It is not artificial intelligence, and it is not artificial intelligence in the least. However, during the last year, Levie started a toolkit named Box Skills that might allow users to use AI tools of their own choice, including applications from Microsoft Corporation (NYSE: MSFT) and IBM among many others. Also, it is possible to extract more data of the company’s workers, thanks to this tool. The more the world accepts artificial intelligence, the more users Box might garner.

Just like Box, NXP Semiconductors NV (NYSE: NXPI) is not considered as an AI play. Still, it participates much more in the industry than anyone can realize.

As its name suggests, the company creates semiconductors among some other products. It is probably well known for the strides it has created in wireless technologies and connected automobiles.

Of course, that places NXP in the proverbial seat of autonomous cars where the company is known as a good supplier of radar, sensors and many other AI-powered products and devices.

NXP was called on of Compass Intelligence’s best companies among firms developing AI chipset innovation. The Accolade accepts all the company has finished for artificial intelligence, even though the majority of products has left unnoticed.

On the third place, there is a high chance that stock traders who already possess DXC Technology Co (NASDAQ: DXC) might not be completely able to fully understand what the company does. The main reason for this is in fact that some of its offers are extremely complex and narrowly specific that only the company’s customers know and understand.

It is an AI game and it is a good one that moves artificial intelligence into a sphere where such tool has been needed, but not completely available. However, that changes now with these new opportunities.


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