Three Top Stocks to Invest in


Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) stock is probably the best assets to invest in on the market right now. The stock is very affordable compared to prices from the past. It currently stands at $203, and that is a great purchasing opportunity for all potential investors according to top official reports.

Rob Sanderson, an expert analyst from Five-star MKM Partners, announced FB’s present estimation is definitely very attractive. The stock has moved back when investors examine the influence of an expected fall in engagement, profit rise deceleration, and an uplifted spending appearance. Together with a big quarter of serious top-line hike in the bank, Rob Sanderson sees prices move up 17 percent to $240 in total.

In the same time, another financial analyst Andy Hargreaves from KeyBanc says “We think that gives a chance to acquire above-average boost at Facebook for a significantly lower price” He also thinks investors are mainly neglecting FB’s growth potential and exceptional core momentum. He targeted price at $245 and it offers a bigger potential of 21 percent.

This stock has achieved 2 selling ratings, 5 hold ratings and 31 buy ratings during the last 3 months.

A big aerospace corporation Boeing (NYSE: BA) fell this year due to the Trump’s trade war. However, Tom Lee, Head of Research at Fundstrat, thinks the stock market overreacted.

He has estimated that the company, in fact, has a trade war vulnerability of only 35.2 percent. Tom Lee observed the firm’s overseas activities including exports income and a percentage of the cost of goods sold. A figure below forty percent clearly signifies Boeing has low trade war vulnerabilities, according to this financial expert.

Regardless of the all current trade war issues, I am ready to recommend buying this stock right now. It has got eleven buy ratings in the last 4 months, with 3 reports on the sidelines. With a present average price, an attractive earning potential is estimated at 15%. Still, some finance experts are much more optimistic with this figure.

For instance, Cai Rumohr, a five-star Cowen & Co expert believes this stock is one of the best to buy right now.

Alexion Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ALXN) is a medical corporation from the United States well known for its creation of Soliris, a medicine intended to help in curing various blood disorders. And Hartaj Singh, top Oppenheimer expert, chose ALXN as one of the best buy stocks for February and March. Have in mind he is a top analyst with an exceptional rating on TipRanks.

Hartaj Singh strongly believes that ALXN can grow 48 percent from only $115 to $175. He also thinks the stock’s reward and risk profile is focused to jump which makes it a top stock to buy currently.

“With a big and rare disease platform, 2 newly developed products in Kanuma and Strensiq, as well as slowly money making asset in Solaris, we strongly believe it is just a matter of time to record a profit from this stock, Hartaj Singh concluded.”

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