Transparent Stock Data of The Carlyle Group L.P. (NASDAQ: CG)

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The Carlyle Group L.P. (CG) is making important changes while expanding business on new markets. It operates in Financial that offers good possibilities and acceptable conditions. But only a wise financial policy can bring real benefits for all. The company has several strong competitors, and they are all big players in Asset Management. The business game is still pretty equal, however, it can change in the future. Especially, if USA decides to modify some rules. Then, the turbulent times will start in the industry. There were some announcements about new regulations but still nothing official. The Carlyle Group L.P. (CG) released the latest business statistic, and it shows the current situation. Below are some clear explanations.

Transparent Stock Data of The Carlyle Group L.P. (NASDAQ: CG)
The Carlyle Group L.P. (CG)


As every week, this one also brings some new results and performances. Currently, they are -3.09% for the last seven days. There are some changes on monthly basis in comparison with the previous month. So, the performance is 0.00% for the last thirty days. The first quarter is also different, and the statistic brings 2.57%. The performance for the first half of the year officially is -3.30%, while the performance for the whole year 15.79%. Weekly volatility is 2.03%, and monthly volatility currently is 1.92%. The major product costs $21.95, and as you can see, there were some fluctuations in the price. These changes were -2.44% on an average basis. The company has sold a large volume of different products in this year, and the number was 694,335 in total.


While planning a winning strategy, it is important to have technical data and details about the company. All have different results, and they are subject to constant change. So, it is necessary to follow statistics regularly. The technical information about The Carlyle Group L.P.’s stock is as follows: the 52-week high is -15.25%, while the 52-week low currently is 18.86%. The company’s stocks can oscillate constantly, so you should have latest details about it, and they are as follows: 20-day simple moving average is -2.10%, and 50-day simple moving average currently stands at 1.28%. While covering a larger period of time, it is important to mention 200-day simple moving average, and it currently is -2.55%. To measure the stock strength on an average basis, it is necessary to look at Relative Strength Index. In this case, RSI sticks at 47.06. Change from open is now -2.66%, and the gap presently is 0.22%.


EPS growth for this year stands at -33.40%, while EPS growth for the next year is estimated at 23.98%. Also, EPS growth in the past five years precisely was 53.40%, and EPS growth for the next five years is predicted at -4.34%. The sales growth for the past five years was exactly 4.80%, and with this information you can get some good insight into the company’s business.

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